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Scaredy cat



I would certainly classify myself as a scaredy cat. When I was younger,
I was very carefree. Surprisingly, the only bone I have ever broken was my pinky toe when when I fell down the stairs chasing my brother when I was younger.

Perhaps it is because I have seen a lot of people hurt emotionally and physically, but I tend to stay away from dangerous situations (I like to think of myself as smart and cautious rather than boring!)

Here are some random things that getting my ticker pumping hard:

– Worms. I know that is strange, but I am deathly scared of them.

– Heights. But mostly only when it involves climbing (not scared of flying or roller coasters)

– When someone says,”We need to talk.” I don’t know why, but I always get paranoid.

– Tornadoes. Since we were in a tornado two years ago I am even more petrified of these.

– Walking through tall grass. You never know what you can’t see.

I learned recently of a lady I know who is scared of strings. Like on clothing. I have also read of people having fear of mustard and beef.

What makes you scared? Any strange things? Share!


A Family Tradition


board game

I love board games. Luckily I married an amazing man who loves them, too. One of our traditions since we started dating, to now marital bliss, has been to buy a board game around the winter holidays, usually Christmas or New Year’s. (Hint – they are usually 50% off around that time. We are all about some good deals!)

One of the very first games that we bought was Yahtzee. We used to play that one together a lot because you could play easily with two players. Since then, we have added many more games to collection. Some of our favorites include:


– Apples to Apples
– Quelf
– Settlers of Catan
– Scattergories
– Buzzword
– Outburst
– Many, many others!

You may notice that none of these are trivia games. That’s because I (along with the hubs) are TERRIBLE at trivia. If you want to beat us, bring over a game of Trivial Pursuit or Scene It.

What are some of your favorite games to play? What should we add to our collection? Don’t mention Risk! It is one of Lance’s favorite games – it puts me to sleep!

I am getting old



Yes, that is my hair dye currently in my hair. If you look closely, you will see that it says that it will cover 100% of my gray. Sad. I remember the days of looking for temporary dyes instead of these permanent gray-root camoflaugers!

I have to face the facts. I am getting old(er). My body doesn’t quite work the same way it did even 5 years ago. Conversations with friends begin with, “What did the doctor say?” and “Does your back still hurt?”

Instead of focusing on the downward spiral, let’s take a look at the positives, shall we?

– I have a few decades worth of fashion to choose from.

– I know what I want to be when I grow up.

– I get offered help more often.

– I have a big story database.

– I have learned lots of jokes.

– My wrinkles are indications of all of my smiles I have had over the years.

– My gray hairs match my pale skin.

– I can offer first-hand advice because I have been there/done that.

I guess getting older has its perks!

Are you feeling like you are getting old? What are some positives that you can add to my list?

Hooked on…


I have a problem. A big problem (according to the hubs). I love television. I am hooked on way too many television shows. Right now, I have thirty-six videos saved in queue on Hulu. Last month, I spent a good chunk of money on catching up with Pretty Little Liars on Amazon Instant Video. I have finally narrowed down some of my viewing pleasures and released some that I tend to put on the back burner.

These are currently in my keep pile:
Pretty Little Liars
The Office
The Bachelor and Bachelorette
– Finishing up Friday Night Lights
New Girl
Downton Abbey
Hart of Dixie
Granted, these don’t all come on at the same time during the season.. but still.. that’s a lot of shows.

These have been moved on down the line:
The Biggest Loser (too long)
Once Upon a Time (got too far behind and hulu put it on hulu plus)
Suburgatory (too silly)
Raising Hope (stopped being interested)

Are you a tv addict like me? What shows do you watch every week or put on queue for a later date?









This weekend was my first time actually gardening. Yes, I am serious. When I was growing up, I never really did much help with outside work. When I went to college, I was in dorms and an apartment. Now that Lance and I bought a house, we decided to take the plunge and dig up a lot of the old plants and replace them with new ones.

Here is what I have learned about gardening:

– It is expensive. We have spent mucho money and still have a lot more to buy.
– It is a great workout. After shoveling, digging, lunging, and wheelbarrowing (???) for several hours today and yesterday, I am sore
– Pollen hates me. And I hate it.
– If an old plant’s roots take longer than 30 minutes to find, it probably doesn’t want to come up.
– And…. It is totally worth it. I love looking outside the window and coming home to a beautiful arrangement of all of God’s creations.

Favorite Favorites


pretty in pink

I love going to the movies. If I could pick every date night with the hubs, I would pick going to the theater. I remember back in the good ‘ole days when you could go to the dollar movie theater in my hometown. I also distinctly remember the floors being very sticky. I guess that’s what you get for $1 movies.

I am a sucker for those old 80’s “brat pack” movies, like Pretty in Pink and Ferris Bueller’s Day Out. One that tops those, in my opinion, is Sixteen Candles. I have watched that movie probably 25 times and could continue to watch it over and over.

Some of my other favorites of all time are:
Dirty Dancing (Who wouldn’t want to learn to do the dance at the end???)
The Bourne trilogy (Matt Damon is a great actor.)
The Dark Night movies (I still get the creeps thinking about the Joker.)
The Princess Diaries (Anne Hathaway was good even before she shaved her head. Plus, princesses are pretty fantastic.)

Do you share the same movie interests as me? Or do you have some to top my list? Share in the comment section!

If I had the time



I hear people say all of the time, “If only I had time to do that.” The thing is, we probably do have time to do “that”; we just don’t take the time to do it.

Regardless, I do have a list of things that I would love to do if I just sat down and actually did it.

1) Actually do some of the things on Pinterest that I pin! I love the virtual hoarding website, but I don’t put it to much good use. For example, I could be creating my own lovely hand-crafted cards out of scrapbook paper and frilly scissors instead of spending $4 on a cheap card that someone will throw away in two seconds flat.

2) Learn calligraphy. I could make tons of money if I knew calligraphy! Bring on the wedding invitations!

3) Learn how to become a good photographer. My husband and I bought a pretty nice camera. I would like to take some classes and learn how to really use it.

Looking back on my list, I really think that I do have the time to learn some of these things. If only Hulu were not free….

If you had time, what would you do?