This weekend was my first time actually gardening. Yes, I am serious. When I was growing up, I never really did much help with outside work. When I went to college, I was in dorms and an apartment. Now that Lance and I bought a house, we decided to take the plunge and dig up a lot of the old plants and replace them with new ones.

Here is what I have learned about gardening:

– It is expensive. We have spent mucho money and still have a lot more to buy.
– It is a great workout. After shoveling, digging, lunging, and wheelbarrowing (???) for several hours today and yesterday, I am sore
– Pollen hates me. And I hate it.
– If an old plant’s roots take longer than 30 minutes to find, it probably doesn’t want to come up.
– And…. It is totally worth it. I love looking outside the window and coming home to a beautiful arrangement of all of God’s creations.


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