Hooked on…


I have a problem. A big problem (according to the hubs). I love television. I am hooked on way too many television shows. Right now, I have thirty-six videos saved in queue on Hulu. Last month, I spent a good chunk of money on catching up with Pretty Little Liars on Amazon Instant Video. I have finally narrowed down some of my viewing pleasures and released some that I tend to put on the back burner.

These are currently in my keep pile:
Pretty Little Liars
The Office
The Bachelor and Bachelorette
– Finishing up Friday Night Lights
New Girl
Downton Abbey
Hart of Dixie
Granted, these don’t all come on at the same time during the season.. but still.. that’s a lot of shows.

These have been moved on down the line:
The Biggest Loser (too long)
Once Upon a Time (got too far behind and hulu put it on hulu plus)
Suburgatory (too silly)
Raising Hope (stopped being interested)

Are you a tv addict like me? What shows do you watch every week or put on queue for a later date?


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