A Family Tradition


board game

I love board games. Luckily I married an amazing man who loves them, too. One of our traditions since we started dating, to now marital bliss, has been to buy a board game around the winter holidays, usually Christmas or New Year’s. (Hint – they are usually 50% off around that time. We are all about some good deals!)

One of the very first games that we bought was Yahtzee. We used to play that one together a lot because you could play easily with two players. Since then, we have added many more games to collection. Some of our favorites include:


– Apples to Apples
– Quelf
– Settlers of Catan
– Scattergories
– Buzzword
– Outburst
– Many, many others!

You may notice that none of these are trivia games. That’s because I (along with the hubs) are TERRIBLE at trivia. If you want to beat us, bring over a game of Trivial Pursuit or Scene It.

What are some of your favorite games to play? What should we add to our collection? Don’t mention Risk! It is one of Lance’s favorite games – it puts me to sleep!


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  1. Trivia games rock.
    Monopoly is by far the best games, with the right group of people, with approx 8 hours available to play the right way.
    Quelf is also perfection… with the right group of people.
    I got Settlers of Catan for Christmas but haven’t yet been able to convince anyone to sit and play with me while I learn how to play.
    One other game (not really a board game) this is great is “Would You Rather?”. Lots of fun.

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