Scaredy cat



I would certainly classify myself as a scaredy cat. When I was younger,
I was very carefree. Surprisingly, the only bone I have ever broken was my pinky toe when when I fell down the stairs chasing my brother when I was younger.

Perhaps it is because I have seen a lot of people hurt emotionally and physically, but I tend to stay away from dangerous situations (I like to think of myself as smart and cautious rather than boring!)

Here are some random things that getting my ticker pumping hard:

– Worms. I know that is strange, but I am deathly scared of them.

– Heights. But mostly only when it involves climbing (not scared of flying or roller coasters)

– When someone says,”We need to talk.” I don’t know why, but I always get paranoid.

– Tornadoes. Since we were in a tornado two years ago I am even more petrified of these.

– Walking through tall grass. You never know what you can’t see.

I learned recently of a lady I know who is scared of strings. Like on clothing. I have also read of people having fear of mustard and beef.

What makes you scared? Any strange things? Share!


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