Happy Hour


chick fil a

As I drove past a Sonic a few days ago, I started thinking about how many places have a “Happy Hour” time. Sonic does half-priced drinks, Steak and Shake has half-priced milkshakes, and Chili’s entices me with their half-priced appetizers. These are especially important to me because the husband and I are especially frugal (I’ll tell about our first date at a later time). This got me to thinking. What if every place had their own special “Happy Hour”?

– Chick Fil could have “buy one/get one free waffle fries!” Yum!
– Schools could have “come for half a day, get the rest of the day off!” No complaints here.
– Best Buy might have “come in for 10 minutes, and then you and your husband get kicked out.” Not sure the hubs would like this one.
– Walmart might do “come during happy hour, and we’ll open EVERY register!”

If you could pick your own happy hour wish, what would you choose?


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