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The Interview


So, I had to bribe my husband. In exchange for a ten minute back rub, he consented to doing a little experimental post. I told him that I would give him questions to answer about me.

Disclaimer: We are very honest with one another. And no offense was taken to any of the answers given.

1. What was the first thing that you noticed about me?
Your calves. Because they were white. And you had curly hair. And a small nose.

(Uh.. thanks? I can’t help it that I am Casper-like. Also, I used to have permed hair, but it is straight now. )

2. If you could describe me as any animal, what would it, and why?
I don’t really hang around any animals. How many more questions do we have before we are done?

(He wasn’t being really cooperative with this question.)

3. What is one thing that I do that embarrasses you?
Sometimes you talk too much. You don’t know what not to say sometimes. You have no filter.

(I would have to agree with him on this one. Working on it!)

4. Do you want our future children to be more like you or me? Why?
Both. Because we make a great couple.

(I think he is trying to make up for the last question.)
He continues with It’ll have hair if it has your traits.

5. What is the most annoying thing that I do?
How you can sit on the couch for hours and watch tv. And not be bored. And then want to do it again the next day, the next day, and then the next week. And then you’ll find something else to watch even though you really don’t even like it.


6. What is your favorite thing about me?
I don’t know. There’s a lot. You’re beautiful inside and out. And you give good back rubs. And you can cook well.

(Aww! How sweet!)

7. What are three words that you could use to describe me?
Loyal, outgoing, and impatient.

(Yes, yes, and yes.)





There are some people like me who are kid-less. Instead of posting cute videos of our darling children, we post annoying photos of our pets. So I am sorry, but you will just have to get pictures of my dogs.

This picture is of my puppy, Boone (plus my foot). When we got him at two months old, he was 8 lbs. Now, at six months, he is 60 lbs-ish. In comparison to our 5 year old dog, he is quite a beast.

As I am writing this, he is walking around with a piece of torn magazine paper in his mouth.

Here are the remains:


We have certainly learned a few things since adopting our precious bundle of fuzz.

– First, do not expect to sleep the first two weeks. As precious as they are, puppies do not want to sleep alone so they whimper all night.

– Second, be prepared that they will eat anything. I mean anything! So far, he has eaten fuzz out of doggie blankets, the wood on our deck, a two inch hole in our carpet, and an Ethernet cord. He also occasionally likes to nibble on Bella’s (our other dog’s) ear.

– Third, plan on laughing a lot when you see him chase his tail. It is some of the funniest stuff I have seen. Also, watching him trying to jump on the couch or climb up the stairs was really funny when he was little.

– Fourth, I have found that God made them so darn cute so that you wouldn’t strangle them when they use the bathroom anywhere but in the yard.

– Fifth, there is nothing better than their sweet little faces coming and laying their head on your lap or following you around the house because they can’t bear not being by your side.

Now is your time! What is your favorite thing about your precious non-human?

Holy moly!



Yeah, that is our ceiling. No, we still don’t know what happened after a week. Thankfully no one was in the room.. I had just stepped out of the room maybe 10 seconds before it fell.

We have figured out some things through this experience:

– Apparently we have no “varmints” living in the rafters.

– Home warranty and home insurance is pointless. Unless a tornado bulldozes your home, you won’t get coverage.

– Ceilings can fall even if you don’t have any water damage.

– My friends think it fell because my husband is so stinking tall. I think it was because our dogs barked too loudly. Maybe…

All in all, we are thankful to not have gotten hurt.

Have you ever had a house catastrophe? What happened? I wanna know!



I wanted to write a post about something that I love to do. However, I was hesitant because it is kind of nerdy. Alas, I have decided to wave my nerd flag proudly.

My husband and I love to go geocaching. It is akin to a treasure hunt using a GPS. There are literally hundreds of thousands of these “caches” hidden around the world. We have found some in the woods, at gas stations, outside of churches, and even once at a pet cemetery.

The picture below is of a cache we found in the Destin area while vacationing. It seems like this little bugger would be easy to spot, but it actually was difficult to find as it was hidden in dense woods camouflaged on the back side of a tree. Inside was a small log sheet. Sometimes the treasures are more interesting like the scary mask booby-trapped to fall from the top of a tree when you opened the cache.


Just the other day we went to Peach Park to buy some fruit icecream. While we searched for the cache, a man spotted us searching and told us he was a cacher, too. We had fun looking for the cache together.

Who knew being a nerd could be so much fun?

So I have spilled my inner nerdiness to you. Now it is your turn. Have your ever geocached? If not, what is something that you do that is nerdy-fun?




My mom, step-dad, the hubs, and I all returned from a cruise about a week ago. With all of the crazy cruises blowing up having problems lately, we made sure to pack some extra crackers just in case we got stranded.

I am glad to say that we made it back alive! It is possible to take a cruise and not get stranded. Way to go Carnival!

Favorite Parts:
– all you can eat everything, including chocolate extravaganza

– trying new foods like shark, alligator, and frog legs

– excursions: tubing, dune buggying, tours, and ocean kayaking

Least Favorite Parts:
– the scale when you return home

– the credit card bill

– tropical depression detour

Have you ever been on a cruise? What was your favorite part? Least favorite?