I wanted to write a post about something that I love to do. However, I was hesitant because it is kind of nerdy. Alas, I have decided to wave my nerd flag proudly.

My husband and I love to go geocaching. It is akin to a treasure hunt using a GPS. There are literally hundreds of thousands of these “caches” hidden around the world. We have found some in the woods, at gas stations, outside of churches, and even once at a pet cemetery.

The picture below is of a cache we found in the Destin area while vacationing. It seems like this little bugger would be easy to spot, but it actually was difficult to find as it was hidden in dense woods camouflaged on the back side of a tree. Inside was a small log sheet. Sometimes the treasures are more interesting like the scary mask booby-trapped to fall from the top of a tree when you opened the cache.


Just the other day we went to Peach Park to buy some fruit icecream. While we searched for the cache, a man spotted us searching and told us he was a cacher, too. We had fun looking for the cache together.

Who knew being a nerd could be so much fun?

So I have spilled my inner nerdiness to you. Now it is your turn. Have your ever geocached? If not, what is something that you do that is nerdy-fun?


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  1. Probably D&D and reenactment, I also cosplay, specializing in gender bending! I also volunteer at a museum as a costumed interpreter. Geocashing sounds interesting, and nerdy, which are two wonderful things!

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