There are some people like me who are kid-less. Instead of posting cute videos of our darling children, we post annoying photos of our pets. So I am sorry, but you will just have to get pictures of my dogs.

This picture is of my puppy, Boone (plus my foot). When we got him at two months old, he was 8 lbs. Now, at six months, he is 60 lbs-ish. In comparison to our 5 year old dog, he is quite a beast.

As I am writing this, he is walking around with a piece of torn magazine paper in his mouth.

Here are the remains:


We have certainly learned a few things since adopting our precious bundle of fuzz.

– First, do not expect to sleep the first two weeks. As precious as they are, puppies do not want to sleep alone so they whimper all night.

– Second, be prepared that they will eat anything. I mean anything! So far, he has eaten fuzz out of doggie blankets, the wood on our deck, a two inch hole in our carpet, and an Ethernet cord. He also occasionally likes to nibble on Bella’s (our other dog’s) ear.

– Third, plan on laughing a lot when you see him chase his tail. It is some of the funniest stuff I have seen. Also, watching him trying to jump on the couch or climb up the stairs was really funny when he was little.

– Fourth, I have found that God made them so darn cute so that you wouldn’t strangle them when they use the bathroom anywhere but in the yard.

– Fifth, there is nothing better than their sweet little faces coming and laying their head on your lap or following you around the house because they can’t bear not being by your side.

Now is your time! What is your favorite thing about your precious non-human?


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