Never Again



Have you ever tried something that you have thought you would never ever ever do but you somehow got coaxed into doing it?

My wonderful husband has some annoying miraculous effect that urges me to join in on activities that I would prefer not to do. For example, once he convinced me to go down a BMX track on a mountain bike. Yes, it ended as badly as it sounds. That same day, we also went biking on the mountain biking trails. It was my first and last day to do that.

Some time before that, the hubs convinced me to ride with him to look at some lake property. Five hours later, $150 to the towing company, and a few dents in the truck, we were able to get the truck wedged through a small forest of trees.

Who can forget the time that we went hiking in May near some water? I sure can’t forget the sight of the coiled rattle snake inches from my feet.

Looking back, these are some of my favorite memories we have shared together. Regardless, I never want to experience these again!

What is something you never want to do/experience again?


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