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Things I learned from marrying a tall man


Most of you who have met me have also met my 6’6″ mammoth of a husband. Next to my 5’4″ shortness, he seems even bigger.


Yep. That’s us. Aren’t we precious?

I have learned a lot about tall people from marrying my darling husband.

1) Tall people actually don’t like being asked how tall they are. (Or maybe that’s just him.)

2) A queen size bed is not big enough for the both of us. We get excited to visit my family in Tennessee because they have a king size bed in which we get to sleep.

3) Shopping for pants, especially jeans, is a nightmare unless you want grandpa jeans. When he finds some that fit, he typically will buy at least two of them in different faded colors.

4) Did I mention the shoe shopping dilemma? Just a couple of weeks ago, he bought size 15 shoes and is having to return them because they are too small.

5) Tall people cheat when they “steal” your stuff. I can’t jump 3 extra feet up in the air to retrieve my phone dangling from his fingers.

6) It is so nice to have someone whose arms are long enough to hug around my extra padding.

I love my husband and his tallness. I wouldn’t change it for the world.


Top Reasons to Love Football



Let’s just start this thing off right.  I am a woman.  And I love football.  

Down here in the south, it seems inevitable to cheer for some SEC team (whether you like football or not).  Hounds tooth.  Check.  Tiger earrings.  Check.  Bright-as-the-sun orange.  Check.  

I have heard many women complain about their husbands spending all of their time watching games in the fall.  

I am here to tell you, ladies, count it is a blessing! Here is why:

1) You can play college pick-em fantasy football with your husband and watch him as he cries when you beat him.

2) You can ask, “Honey, can I get some new boots to go with my new cute football jersey?”

3) You can take a nap while your husband is watching the game. 

4) You get to prepare delicious party dips and appetizers to devour share with company.

5) You will have something to talk about the next day in Sunday school. (This is never a problem for me.. talking, that is.)


What are some more reasons that women should love football season?

Oh yeah, and GO VOLS!