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Then comes a baby in a baby carriage


So, in case you didn’t get the memo… My darling husband and I are having a baby! We kept a secret for so long that I felt that I might literally burst if we didn’t spill the beans soon!

We found out at 4 weeks and didn’t tell our families until nearly 12 weeks because we wanted to tell both families in person. How did we tell them? Here, I will show you!


We told our parents we had something we bought at a yard sale and then presented the picture. After shock and tears, they finally believed us.

After calling some other friends and family, we posted this gem onto Facebook.


The dogs look so happy, huh?

Next up, I wanted to tell my students. After asking them what their favorite things were about their Thanksgiving, I told them I wanted to share my favorite thing through hangman.

Here was the first part.


Some students started shouting out other teachers’ names, so we did this one.


Then they started beginning to not have a substitute and for me not to leave (third graders are precious!), so I did this one.


Since then, they have been ecstatic. Each day I get a hug, and “bye, baby!” from several of the students.

Last, but not least, here is our 12 week sonogram of baby Moore!