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Can you tell that I have started back to teaching this fall? I haven’t had time to write a blog or read any either. Hopefully my ten hour work days will decrease sometime soon!

One of my favorite parts about the beginning of school is that two weeks into it, we get Labor Day! This year the hubs, mom, and step-dad decided to go camping. My brother and his girlfriend joined us for their first experience with us camping, too.

Unfortunately, this was out first night.




Now I know these pictures are terrible, but they were taken at 2 AM when were flooded out of our tent. If you look closely, you can see the three inches of standing water. Oops!

After that night, we considered packing our bags and making a run for it. I am glad we didn’t because we wouldn’t have experienced the rest of this!








Hope you had a great Labor Day, too!


A promise


Recently I made a deal with rain. I promised to not whine when it rained again if the rain would just come and wash all of the pollen away.


This is what happened 2 days later. Yes, this is our backyard (don’t pay attention to the deck. We are building a new one soon.). Yes, that is my goofy husband playing in the rain (he says he was unclogging the drainage ditch).

And guess what? I kept my promise! No complaining from this gal. So here’s a special shout out to the rain! Thank you for relieving my itchy eyes, stuffy nose, and scratchy throat. And thank you for letting me live by the river – for a few hours at least. Now we are even!